Discover your own little bit of "Magic on the Murray" at the Kingswood Motel

Kingswood Motel - See why more people choose to stay

Stay with us... and discover your own little bit of "Magic on the Murray"

Why do more people choose Kingswood Motel & Apartments...

Our Quality Guarantee

  • Clean

  • Comfortable

  • Affordable

Our Special Features

  • Quiet Surroundings

  • Ideally Located

  • Friendly Service

Our Unique Benefits

  • Conference Facility

  • Self Contained Apartments

  • Pool & Indoor Spa

Disabled Access Room

AAA tourism - Very High points score at each Assessment

Wireless Broadband Hotspot across site & Public Internet Cafe


Wireless Broadband Hotspot

Public Internet Access &

Best Value Internet Packages in Town

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